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Yea iam having the same problem very poor customer service.. Iam so angry right now trying to call every hr.

With no response i desperately need my online review on my phone and no one can help me..unable to log on.. Iam sooooooooo pissed right noq

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hurst Review Services - Very biased


This company is very republican and make there views "facts" in their questions. There was a practice question regarding cannabis that had "facts" used by propaganda ads.

A school nurse is planning a session on the effects of cannabis use for a high school health class. Which information does the nurse need to include?

Select all that apply.

1) Cannabis ingestion can cause tachycardia.

2) Inhaled cannabis produces a greater amount of tar than tobacco.

3) Cannabis smoke contains more carcinogens than tobacco smoke.

4) It is not possible to overdose on cannabis.

5) Orthostatic hypotension can be caused by cannabis injections.

All but 4 according them are correct.

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What's the answer?


Republican huh? You just got it all figure out dontcha buddy.

Hurst Review Services - Very poor customer service

Not resolved

In regard to horrible customer service: I have tried numerous times to get a personalized response from ANYONE at this company. The first time I had to call 4 or 5 different people (listed on their website) just to talk to a live person. It took a repeat phone call a second day before I could talk to a live person.

The next time I needed to correspond with them ( I thought I would try email this time) I had a detailed question and only received a generalized blanket response. I replied for clarification multiple times and was ignored.

I tried sending an email to the CEO of the company (Whose email address was posted on the website) only to find that the email bounced.

I feel as though now that they have my money they don't appear to care much about my needs or following up with me. Their customer service receives an "F" grade from me.

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it's 2015 and i have experienced the same HORRIBLE customer service. I've called last week and this week.

I finally got a call back from a live person who ended up transferring me to an answering machine. I can't reach any live person anymore.


Hurst Review Services takes this claim very seriously. Since this 'pissed' review was posted in 2010, the number of students taking our course has nearly doubled along with our customer support team. The success of our business is the direct result of an excellent course backed up by excellent customer service.

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